About Us

Dear colleagues!

The group of companies  MakkahService  offers cooperation with tour operators, promoting Hajj and Umrah all over the world.

The group of companies  MakkahService  has experience in the hotel business of Saudi Arabia for over 10 years, therefore offers its resource of booking hotels, pilgrims' homes in the sacred cities of Makkah and Medinah for Muslims around the world.

A Million reasons to join us!

●      We have a variety of accommodation facilities from super expensive hotels to simple inexpensive pilgrim houses

●      Database of hotels with more than 1000 places of accommodation in Makkah

●      The largest selection of accommodation options in the city of Makkah, over 1 million rooms in more than a thousand accommodation facilities

●      Permanent office in Makkah

●      Polite staff with experience in hospitality

●      Individual approach to each client

●      Direct agreements with hotel owners

●      Organization of transfer, excursions with experienced instructors, meals for pilgrims

Partnership with the group of companies  MakkahService   begins with an agreement on cooperation. The agreement is concluded on favorable terms for you and is discussed by the parties in each individual case. By signing the agreement you get the opportunity to directly receive hotel services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without intermediaries, which significantly reduces the cost of tourist services and, as a result, increases competitiveness in your market. After signing the agreement on cooperation, you acquire a reliable partner in the field of hospitality.

We are the first who created the site where you can find the right hotels at low prices. Just leave a request for  MakkahService 

Sincerely,   Noor Khalil    MakkahService 

Your Manager

cell:+966 536161330


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